First Church of Otago welcomes your request to have your wedding in this beautiful and historic church. We will do all that we can to see that this First Churchspecial day in your life is memorable for you and your guests. For many people being married in this church is the beginning of a bond which last a lifetime – and even for generations.

Booking for your wedding Please contact Ursula Keogh 477 7150

A pencil booking will be made for your wedding when you first contact us. It will be confirmed when you return the form after discussing the time and date of the wedding with a minister.

The Minister

Only ministers may conduct weddings in First Church of Otago. These may be any minister of the churches associated with the Presbyterian Church through the Conference of Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand or ministers of other churches with the consent of the Minister of First Church of Otago.

Before completing the form you must personally contact either your chosen minister or the Minister of First Church of Otago to check that the time and date is suitable to them. If the Minister of First Church of Otago is conducting the service he will arrange to meet you.

Please ring the First Church of Otago office 477 7118 or 477 7150

Facilities at the First Church of Otago

Normally the organist of First Church of Otago plays for weddings, but may agree to other suitable qualified people on request. Music for your wedding is chosen in consultation with the minister. Other music can be played if it is considered suitable for the setting of First Church and for the occasion.

If your minister is not the minister of First Church of Otago he or she may prefer that you consult directly with the organist.

First Church is privileged to have a fine set of bells and a group of volunteer bell- ringers. They are available by arrangement. This means that occasionally we will not be able to meet your request for the bells if for some reason a team is not available. A full peal takes 8 people; a reasonable noise can be made as you leave the church with as few as 5. A donation to cover the travelling expenses of the bell ringers is set out in the schedule of fees.

The Church Officer
The church officer assists with the practical matter of heating and lighting the church, parking sound system tidying the church after your service and advising about the decoration of pews etc. For this purpose, ribbons, bows or posies may be tied to the pews but not fixed with blue tack, drawing pins or adhesive tape of any kind.
A fee for this required service is listed in the schedule of fees.

Flowers are arranged for church services each week by Brenda Botting Arrangements for weddings are limited to two in the locations provided in the church and one in the vestibule.

Your options are:
There is a charge of $50 which is for the silk flower arrangements. The cost of special fresh flowers to suit your colours and requirements is in addition to this and should be arranged with Lucy when finalising the choice of colour etc. If there are other weddings on the same day colours etc. may have to be negotiated to suit.
Unless otherwise arranged with First Church  ALL ARRANGEMENTS in the church remain for the services on Sunday.

Recording your service
Normally First Church of Otago does not tape record services, but arrangements may be able to be made through the church officer. Video recordings are permitted ONLY in consultation with the minister. The minister permits limited movement around the church while the service is in progress. Photographers are permitted only in positions agreed to by the minister by prior arrangement. Static cameras may be permitted subject to location. Please advise your photographers of this requirement. They are welcome to accompany you to the signing of the register. It is helpful if they speak to the minister on the day about their requirement.

The Marriage Licence
Your are responsible for obtaining a marriage licence from the Registra of Births deaths and marriages.This must be brought with you to the final interview with the First Church of Otago minister. If your minister is not a First Church minister we would expect the marriage licence to be in the church office at least a week prior to the wedding.

These are arranged with the minister and church officer.

Your guest will be asked NOT TO USE CONFETTI in the church grounds. What they do elsewhere is out of our hands!

At weekends only there is ample parking at the back left corner of the church. During the week this area is controlled by Wilsons Parking and cannot be made available at that time.

Preparing for the service

Different ministers have different ways of preparing you for your service but most will give you some choice over the form of vows, hymns and music. You will also be informed of marriage preparation seminars run from time to time by different agencies in Dunedin. You might consider making time to attend one of these.

Best wishes as you work and plan.

Schedule of fees

Charges are paid in two portions:

Before your wedding:

  • The charge of  $275 plus gst ; $316.25 (GST inclusive) due for the hire of the church is to be paid to the church office.

On the day of the wedding the payments for the following are to be in separate envelopes and marked accordingly:

  • Minister $ 200
  • Church officer $ 100
  • Organist $ 150
  • Bells $200