First Church relies on the weekly offering to fund its ministry and mission work.

The use of all money contributed to the church is governed by the Deacons Court. Accounts are audited and published each year in the Annual Report.

While in the longer term we would like to find ways of reducing the financial burden associated with caring for the wonderful old church we currently rely on income generated from our endowment income to cover these costs. The money you give provides direct support for the Ministers’ stipend or salary, and helps fund pastoral care in the church and beyond. You can contribute financially in a number of ways:

  1. Cash Offerings. Offerings put directly in the collection plate.
  2. Envelope Offerings. The church provides you with a set of numbered envelopes, which you place in the offering. The money you give is recorded by your envelope number. Each year the envelope secretary, who works in strict confidence, sends you out a receipt for what you have given. This can be used for gaining a tax rebate from Inland Revenue.
  3. Direct Credit or Automatic Payments. A significant proportion of the congregation donate to the church through automatic payments from their account. A receipt is issued at the end of each tax year.
  4. Bequests. You may wish to leave money to the church in your Will. This money is used for either specific or general purposes to help support the on-going activities and work of First Church.

If you would like to be provided with Offering Envelopes or would like an Automatic Payment form then please contact Ursula, the church’s Executive Secretary, on 03 4777150.