Son et Lumiere

Some images of the production can be seen at, and here on the First Church website.

The Calvin Conference was held at Knox College on 24 and 25 of August 2009. As part of the conference, there was a daily son et lumiere (sound and light) performance at First Church. This multi-media show aimed to let a multitude of voices be heard, ‘the anger and the frustrations and the hope’, to recreate the ‘emotion around the kitchen table, and the reverence around the communion table’.

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All images are copyright First Church of Otago 2009.

Sound –

waves breaking, birds singing, bagpipes, rain, psalm-singing and sea shanty,

voices telling a story, our story,

story of people who came so far, so full of hope and faith, so full of courage and longing, our people,

story of building, building this city, building this place, our place.

Light –

colours playing on walls and pipes and window and arch, on table and pulpit,

colours transforming the outside as well,

lights spotlighting voices speaking, voices singing.

Sound and light – son et lumiere

a gift to the city, a gift to the 800 who came to be part of it, a gift to us.

Our thanks to all who brought this wonder into being:

to Peter Matheson, who dreamed it,

to the Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership, who turned dream into happening,

to Richard Huber who wrote the script

to Martyn Roberts who let there be light,

to actors and singers and stagehands and lighting crew who brought it to life,

to Malcolm West and Ian Mitchell and John Sinclair who were our people on the spot, hosts and gofers and liaison and problem-solvers.